Great Lakes Monsters and Mysteries

By Brad Blair, Tim Ellis

Our world is filled with hidden mysteries and wonders for those who open themselves to possibilities that science has not yet explained. Tim Ellis and Brad Blair, two of the authors who brought you Yoopernatural Haunts: Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society Case Files, continue their exploration of the bizarre and otherworldly in their latest book, Great Lakes Monsters, and Mysteries.

Join Brad and Tim as they recount some of the myriad legends and lore of Michigan’s Great Lakes region. Along with monsters of the deep you will read of UFOs and alien encounters, shapeshifters, cryptids both winged and terrestrial, imps, fairies, gnomes, Black-Eyed-Kids, haunted lighthouses, and phantom schooners. Tim and Brad also share some of the ghost stories and mysterious happenings related to them by listeners of their radio show, Creaking Door Paranormal Radio.

Yoopernatural Haunts

By Brad Blair, Tim Ellis, and Steve LaPlaunt

Eerie. Exotic. Haunted. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula boasts a wild and mysterious landscape that teems with ghosts from its rugged and colorful history. In earlier times this remote and often inaccessible terrain spawned a world of its own that still lives on in the haunted mists and shadows. Join Michigan’s premier investigators, the Upper Peninsula Paranormal Research Society, as they open their case files to some of the best-haunted locales. Most of the team are U.P. natives, fondly known as “Yoopers.” Their stories are packed with history, lore, and detailed descriptions of investigations, plus ample helpings of charm and humor.

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Price: $15.00